The law of Ukraine "On a government program of economic and social development of Ukraine for 2010" № 2278-17

Government program of economic and social development of Ukraine for 2010 (further- the Government program) developed according to positions of the program of the President of Ukraine V.Yanukovych "Ukraine for people" and Agreements on creation of the Coalition of deputy fractions "Stability and reforms" in the Parliament of Ukraine of the sixth convocation, predicted indicators of economic and social development of Ukraine for 2010, the Purposes of Development of the Millenium - Ukraine.

According to this program the primary goal is rupture reduction between incomes and expenses of the state budget and the basic lines of activity which accurate list is resulted in the law are set.

In the first part of the program it is a question of an estimation of tendencies of economic development in 2009.

In the second part it is a question of realization of urgent anti-recessionary measures by the Cabinet of Ukraine and priority directions of their realization are defined, namely: improvement of public finances; Improvement of bank system by creation of institutional preconditions for restoration of trust of the population to bank system and unblocking of crediting for real sector of economy; stimulation of inflow of investments by creation of favorable conditions for attraction of investments.

The part of the third program opens priorities of a social and economic policy for 2010 which consist in the following:

a policy of a family support service, children and young; monetary incomes of the population and a salary; employment of the population and a labor market; development of system of social insurance and pension reform; social security; the housing policy; humanitarian sphere; public health services, motherhood and the childhood; increase of level of coverage of children with preschool education and improvement of its quality; restoration of qualitative vocational training; formation of complete national language and cultural space of Ukraine; information field development; creation of conditions for attraction of various strata of society to employment by physical training and sports; formation of a tolerant society; formation of the state policy directed on counteraction to global climate changes; increase of level of protection of the population from consequences of natural and technogenic failures and accidents; creation of the mechanism of economic interest and occupier's liability for creations of harmless and safe working conditions, a non-admission of failures, accidents and occupational diseases; carrying out of reform of the state control system by a labor safety; maintenance of effective state supervision in sphere of a labor safety and industrial safety; Maintenance of qualitative training and vocational training of shots concerning a labor safety; optimization of level of tax loading and increase of efficiency of administration of taxes; gradual reduction of a rate of inflation; development of state-private partnership for the purpose of stimulation of investment activity, creation of industrial (industrial) parks, restoration of activity of special modes, strengthening of the state guarantees of the rights of concessionaires, attraction of investors on the terms of agreements on distribution of production and other priorities in all spheres of public life.