Member's organizations | Federation of trade unions of workers of small and average enterprise of Ukraine

Member's organizations


All-Ukrainian trade union "Stolica-Regioni (Capital-Regions)"

Kiev, A.Barbjusa street, apt. 11/2

Tel. : (044) 461-98-87

 a fax: 522-86-70





Trade union of workers of free enterprise of Ukraine

79044, Lviv, Konotopska str. 6

Tel/ fax  (032) 237-12-59, 237-31-61


Ukrainian Trade Union of Workers in Tourism, Spa areas and Hotel Industry

Kiev, A.Barbjusa street, apt. 11/2

Tel.: (044) 461-98-87




Аll-Uкrаіne іndереndеnt Тгаdе Unіоn оf thе wоrkеrs оf tоurіst brаnсh аnd fїеld of  service working in Ukraine and in other countries of the world

03049, Kiev, Shovkunenka street, apt. 8/20

tel: (095)922-95-50

a fax: 522-86-70