Mass strike in Europe

On Wednesday, the 29th of September across Europe the wave of strikes has swept. Trade unions demand to increase number of workplaces and to accept effective measures on restoration of economy without sharp reduction of budgetary expenses, transfers CNN. The main organizer of protest actions is the European confederation of trade unions (ETUC) which structure includes the trade-union organizations from 36 countries of Europe with total number of members  more than 60 million.One of the most mass  should be a strike in Bruxelles. It was expected that 100 thousand persons will take part in it . Mass meetings were planned also in Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Czechia, Serbia, Romania, Poland, Ireland, France and in Cyprus.

Protest actions have coincided with a massive strike in Spain which has entailed serious failures in work of public transport and mass cancellation of flights Ryanair and easy Jet. The airline of British Airways has warned about delays and changes in the schedule.

The minister of work of Spain has informed reporters that as a whole day has passed easy, without public order infringement. The main reason of discontent of trade unions is Spain carried out by the government of reform providing reduction of salaries in public sector and a suspension of indexation of pensions.

Besides, it is planned to simplify dismissal procedure, first of all, from highly paid posts. Now in Spain of the unemployed  near 20 %. The government asserts that reforms will allow to reduce a budgeted deficit and to raise competitiveness of economy.

Trade unions insist that the given measures will lead only to increase in number of time low-paid positions.