Press conference in Zaporozhye , devoted to the situation round the city automobile market

The head of Federation of trade unions of workers of small and average enterprice of Ukraine Viacheslav Roi has addressed to the public prosecutor of the Zaporozhye area concerning activity of Zaporozhye trade-union organization "Ednannya". As UNIAN’s  correspondent transfers to press conferences in Zaporozhye, to the devoted situation round a city car market, Viacheslav Roi has informed that the reference to Office of Public Prosecutor is caused by discrepancy of actions of Zaporozhye professional organization " Ednannya " to requirements of the Law of Ukraine "About trade unions, their rights and activity guarantees".On his belief, the conflict round the Zaporozhye car market is an example of use of trade unions in illegal schemes of capture of the earth and the property of businessmen.

In particular, according to V. Roi’s opinion, representatives of the given organization, "which, by the way, have excluded from All Ukraine trade union" Ednannya "for non-payment of membership dues and other infringements, demanded allocation of the ground area for enterprise creation. It contradicts trade-union activity which, according to the legislation, consists in upholding of interests, the rights and freedom of workers, and can't be at all connected with conducting any economic activities".

Let's remind that the conflict on the Zaporozhye car market between mostly businessmen, trade union of businessmen of a car market and market administration on the one hand and representatives of Zaporozhye professional organization "Ednannya" had been lasting within last 5 years. Representatives of trade union of workers of a car market bring accusation to the opponents with illegal capture in favor of the third parties, and also in initiation of off-schedule checks of supervising bodies, the organization of different incidents with use of physical force which is negatively designated both on reputation of a car market, and on results of its financial and economic activity.As the head of Federation of trade unions of workers of small and average enterprise of Ukraine has declared, "we consider that actions of the Zaporozhye trade union " Ednannya "which is headed by Vladimir Pamirov, is a partnership in illegal capture. Mister Pamirov in the numerous references and complaints to actions of administration of a car market of a city uses forms and the organization press - a member of our Federation. It is illegal, as the Zaporozhye trade union "Ednannya" is excluded from Federation structure for activity inappropriate to the charter. Eventually, some actions of active workers, who are connecting with "Ednannya", namely: arsons of property of businessmen of the market, falsification of judgements, staging attacks on members of "Ednannya" and real attacks on representatives of administration of the market and members of the Zaporozhye trade union of workers of a car market which protects interests of people, - are fall under action of articles of the Criminal code, here again the word should tell court".

V. Roi has informed that the Federation of trade unions of small and average enterprise of Ukraine has addressed to law enforcement bodies with the requirement to take all lawful measures if only the conflict on the Zaporozhye car market which the considerable damage causes to people who work on it, was, eventually, settled.

"Federation, - has added V. Roi - will address directly to the General public prosecutor if illegal actions of Zaporozhye " Ednannya" doesn't stop.

"We protected and we will protect in future all lawful methods accessible to interests of members of the Zaporozhye trade union of workers of a car market which totals more than 800 persons and is a part of our Federation, - has underlined V. Roi - We'll protect our reputation which is spoiled in the opinion of the public by such trade unions as Zaporozhye "Ednannya".