The law of Ukraine "About a labor safety" № 2694-12

This Law defines substantive provisions concerning realization of a constitutional law of workers on protection of their life and health in course of labor activity, on appropriate, safe working conditions for health, regulates with the assistance of corresponding public authorities of the relation between the employer and worker on safety issues, factory hygiene and the industrial environment and establishes a uniform order of the organization of a labor safety in Ukraine.

The law of Ukraine "About a labor safety" consists of nine sections which comprise general provisions on a labor safety, guarantees of the rights to a labor safety, the labor safety organization, labor safety stimulation, regulatory legal acts on a labor safety, the government a labor safety, the state supervision and public control over a labor safety, responsibility for infringements of the legislation on a labor safety and final provisions.

The law of Ukraine "About a labor safety" defines that the labor safety is a system of legal, social and economic, organizational-technical, sanitary-and-hygienic and treatment-and-prophylactic measures and the means directed on preservation of life, health and work capacity of the person in process of labor activity (instead of works as it has been provided earlier).

The basic legal principles in labor safety sphere in Ukraine concern to such points:

  • a priority of protection of life and health of workers before economic interests;
  • full employer's liability for creation of appropriate, safe and healthy conditions for work;
  • social protection of workers, a full indemnification of harm to persons who have suffered from accidents on manufacture and occupational diseases;
  • competence of activity concerning labor safety maintenance;
  • bilateral obliging (both the worker, and the employer) character of activity concerning observance of norms on a labor safety;
  • establishment of uniform requirements on a labor safety for all enterprises and subjects of enterprise activity irrespective of patterns of ownership and activity kinds;
  • an establishment and warranting of measures of self-defense of the rights of workers on healthy and safe working conditions;
  • compulsion of compensation of the harm caused to the worker in connection with performance of labor duties and other.

The state policy in labor safety sphere is directed on creation of appropriate, safe and healthy working conditions, prevention of accidents and occupational diseases. The general object of a labor safety is work capacity as specific quality of the person, therefore for the labor law the estimation of professional work capacity of the person (the qualitative characteristic of ability to certain kinds of activity and the quantitative characteristic of admissible volumes of loading) has great value. It gives the chance to limit performance of certain kinds of labor activity for concrete categories of workers or to lower labor loading (for example, for minors, women, invalids).

Restrictions (interdictions) on performance of separate kinds of labor activity are realized both at acceptance for work, and in the course of realization of labor activity of the person (for example, by results of medical inspections of separate categories of workers).

Decrease labor loadings can be shown in an establishment of a certain operating mode and rest, decrease in performance standards, to an attraction interdiction to night, to overtime works and works on the days off, joint appointment performance...

Thus, as the interbranch institute a labor safety is complete system of norms of a different branch accessory which regulates special actions for public health services of separate categories of the citizens occupied in sphere of work, from adverse influence of production factors on their work capacity.

The law of Ukraine "About a labor safety"