On the 4th of September 2010 Plenum has taken place Federations of trade unions of workers of small and average business of Ukraine Are glad.

15 members have taken part in Plenum work Are glad. Natalia Kozhevina , which is the Honourable Head (Head Federations Are glad) presided.

An order-paper:

  1. About organizational questions of activity of Federation.
  2. About the statement of a new logo of Federation.
  3. About presentations of the new version of a site of Federation, its statement.
  4. About participation of representatives of the member organizations of Federation in elections in local governments which would take place on the 31st of October 2010, the statement of recommendations concerning their electoral programmes.

Members Are glad have solved organizational questions of activity. Olijnik S.  has informed about response of Olefir Т. from Federations Are glad and has informed about delegation instead of she from the All Ukraine trade union of migrants workers (according to point 4.1 and to point 7.2.1 of the Charter of Federation) Lozinskiy Vladimir who is one of the members of Presidium and the head of Department of a social orphanhood of the All Ukraine trade union of migrants workers.

Plenum has confirmed a small logo of the Federation, the new concept and design of a site.

Have decided to use a small logo in current activity of Federation and to continue work on creation big to a logo and to join work on site filling, namely: to give comments, offers concerning initiatives of Federation and to take part in discussion of the materials placed on a site.

Plenum recommended to the trade-union organizations which are a part of Federation, actively to put forward the active workers in candidates for bodies of local authorities and to conclude with political parties, the blocks, separate candidates of the agreement on upholding of interests of trade unions. It is offered to trade-union organizations to support those political forces or separate candidates which will sign with them such agreements on elections.

Offers concerning the big logo of Federation send to the Federation device. The statement of the big logo of Federation is planned on following Plenum Federations Are glad. Also we wait from you for the offer concerning site structure, the information on own organizations and on current work (the action, news, interview, performances, letters, offers to acts etc. ).