International contacts

On April, 14.
In Kyiv it have been organized a meeting of regional representative EFFAT Mary Kurzina with Deputy Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Trade Union of Workers of the tourism, sanatorium and hotel industry  Svetlana Vnuchko. Also this meeting attended the chairman Ukrainian Alliance of Trade Unions , Chairman Federation of Trade Unions of workers in small and medium enterprises of Ukraine Viacheslav Roi.
During the meeting they discussed real situation of the trade union movement in Ukraine, Ukrainian trade union cooperation with tourism EFFAT, prospects of integration into EFFAT.
During this discussion, Viacheslav  Roi told the history of development ( over 24 years) of the Federation of Trade Unions of Small and Medium Enterprises of Ukraine, history of Ukrainian Alliance of Trade Unions. Also he noticed that today Ukraine face the reformatting of the trade union movement. He voiced the problems of collective bargaining in small businesses , the need to prepare professional organizers, social issue in investment projects, importance of international cooperation.
Svetlana Vnuchko focused attention on paydays in "envelopes", seasonal work, inability to dialogue with the international tourism industry nets, reducing the number of employees in connection with the occupation of the Crimea, the inability to defend the interests of more than 5 thousand salaried employee - union members - facing redundancy due to the transition of the Crimea under Russian jurisdiction, disrupt the tourist season in the resort regions.
M. Kurzina told about the history and development of EFFAT and IUF, the specifics of the trade unions of the tourism industry affiliates to EFFAT.
Following the meeting, participants agreed on the need for a round table in Lviv (Ukraine) and the need to participate in EFFAT Tourism Sector General Assembly on 25 April 2014 in Brussels  as observers for ukrainian trade union representatives.

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