At Verkhovna Rada created Rada of businessmen

About two hundred enterprise organizations and trade unions united in Advice of businessmen at Verkhovna Rada in an order to help power to avoid catastrophic errors during the lead through of reforms.

About it reported folk deputy of Ukraine, so-chairman of parliamentary Committee on an industrial and regulator policy and enterprise Natalia KOROLEVSKA on briefing in Verkhovna Rada on February, 4.

As reported UNIAN in press-service of head of parliamentary committee, the purpose of Advice, spokesperson of which from the side of legislative body businessmen chosen N.KOROLEVSKU, is defence of interests of small and middle business which forms a 16% Gross Domestic Product of Ukraine.

Of Ukraine and 11 milliards of deductions to the social funds on a year. «It is people, which was able to display initiative, organize About 200 enterprise organizations and trade unions entered in advice. It more than 1 million workplaces, 6% the concerned population own business, not taking a money in the states. For which own business became the unique chance to outlive disintegration of economy and total unemployment at one time. What pay taxes, create workplaces, provide growth of economy, and nothing is got from the state, except for pressure and repressions», - said deputy.

On its words, purpose of advice – not to resist power, but avoid errors during the spokesperson of reforms which can result in a social crisis. «Task – not to resist power, but prevent errors. The cost of every amateurish solution is very large. On kitty are hundreds of thousands of workplaces, economy growing and social stability. If will not analyse lessons from the pas, a country will pass from an economic crisis to the social catastrophe».

Businessmen created the regional structure of Advice which consists of 24 regional representative offices already. Advice will carry out monitoring of situation in the field of development of enterprise at local level, will react on problems which people run into, and to counteract administrative pressure on businessmen. Within the framework of Advice thematic committees are created on legal questions, informative policy, monitoring and analysis of legislation, and also to counteraction illegal pressure of power, on business.

Businessmen passed to the suggestions guidance of Verkhovna Rada and expect that their initiative will be supported. «If guidance of parliament will support our suggestion, Advice of businessmen will become an unique tribune through which legislators will be able first-hand to hear about problems businessmen and able in good time to react on them. If our suggestion will not be accepted, nothing remains us, except for how to go out on an area and there to protect the rights. Hope, we however will go by a structural dialog, and guidance of Verkhovna Rada will support our initiative», - the activist of enterprise motion Yevhen SHAPOVALENKO, so-chairman of Advice of businessmen, said.