The businessmen of Kyiv escape from markets

"Capital markets disappear". Sole proprietors through frequent tax verifications and dear lease put up the shutters. Strikes began on some markets.Experts expect closing almost of third of private enterprises.

About small business with large charges is Olga Chepil'


Numbers on a calculator lately are not added, but subtracted - Vadym stings. A sole proprietor trades in repair parts for machines.


Vadym Mamedov, sole proprietor:

- Lease in latter days grew somewhere on 600 hryvnyas. Dear fiscal verification ends with penalty approvals.

This winter on such, as Vadym, knocked down all at once: tax raises, social payments and lease, are megascopic.


Olga Chepil', correspondent:

- Book business card Kyiv is a market "Petrivka". Here it - him old part, and this - new - soon will transform on point-of-sale-entertaining center.

On this part lease, a market administrator talks, more cheap. 200 hryvnyas are for a square meter. Dearer - for other side.


Oleksandr Kraschenko, administrator of book market:

- At the old market average cost of place pay of one lease of place for us - 380 grivnas. It actually middle price on Ukraine, talk the workers of small and middle enterprise in the federation of trade unions. Communal earth lease by market proprietors, and hand over a businessman.

Svyatoslav Shvecov, leader of Kievan organization of allukrainian trade union, is the “Capital-Regions":

- On the average on a country an leaser-businessman pays 350 hryvnyas in a month. For a square meter. Guidance of markets pays for a place in a month from 12-ti to 18-ti hryvnyas.

Numbers explain the charts of minimization of taxes. The leased place is handed over twice. One agreement - on 150 hryvnyas. Other - on 3100.


Vyacheslav Roy, chairman of federation of trade unions of workers of small and middle enterprise:

- Expect the mass closing of businessmen of mi from the second quarter. It is millions

Victor Kosarchuk, director of department of State tax administration of Ukraine:

- Ears that such statements too much, are not a true. They are exaggerated.

However, lawyers which are specialized on small business promoted the prices here and there. To put up the shutters outvalues sometimes, than to open new.