Independent trade unions don't influence on the decision of SPO (General Representation Body)

Interview of the Chairman of Federation V.Roi to TV channel 24: "Independent trade unions don't influence on the decision of SPO".

The federation of trade unions of Ukraine doesn't suppose colleagues from other associations to decision-making. And they too aspire to make the payment in improvement of working conditions for workers.

“Any credentials committee which any law not provided because each all Ukraine trade union has already taken place legalization in the Ministry of Justice, and this credentials committee defines who even more legitimate, than to what the Ministry of Justice has already given such right is created; certainly trade unions have got to this list, so-called" objectionable "which didn't vote how the majority, that is Federations of trade unions of Ukraine" wants, - the chairman of Federation of trade unions of small and average enterprise of Ukraine Viacheslav Roi has told.

Most of all independent trade union members were revolted with the new project of the General agreement between trade unions, employers and the government which was accepted, ostensibly, by joint representation body. The agreement, according to its opponents, considerably worsens working conditions of workers.

In particular, have decided to freeze the salary of state employees, the minimum salary to lift to only least protected levels of population and to refuse correction of the minimum payment depending on a rate of inflation.

The general agreement because of which partially also there was a quarrel, employers, the government and trade unions plan to sign next week.






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