Point-of-sale points on capital markets becomes less than

Meantime ordinary point-of-sale points on capital markets becomes less than. Shallow businessmen roll up business through the increase of lease and permanent verifications. On some markets are strikes, on other - there are on duty trade unions. That inspectors did not come with verifications more frequent than it is settled, businessmen took up arms a law and developed sights.

Incomes are in minus, charges - in a plus. From New Year rent at this market grew on ten percents. Businessmen work without a weekend and vacations. Even if became ill - for the place of pay.


Natalia Nikrasova, sole proprietor:

- 400 plus 100, plus 500 yet must presently pay taxes and pension - three with a half goes out for me.

About confusions businessmen tell after the gate of market. Journalists and trade-union activists - for administration are uninvited guests.

- You know that sdes' private property!

That administrations did not earn on businessmen, willfully promoting rent, trade unions require to translate markets in community property.

Svyatoslav Shevcov, leader of Kievan city trade-union organization of the Allukrainian trade union, is Capital "Regions":

- That to undo treaties of rent with nineshnim guidance of markets above all things by reason of mass violations a budget gets minimum 30 miliardov in a year.

And yet gave a complaint to a State inspection is on formation of prices. There administrations of markets plan to check not early than April.

Oleksandr Savickiy, chief a State inspection is on formation of prices:

- If rent is de bene esse overpriced on 3 hryvnyas for every square meter which on three hryvnyas approval consists of receipt these three hryvnyas and imposition of fine in a double size that 6 hryvnyas of penalty approvals.

Except for leasing collection bother the businessmen of verification. To shake markets a militia began with New Year. Salespeople fix violation on mobile.

- Where signatures?

A businessman Valery Pinchuk looked after an alike picture at the market next door to it

Valery Pinchuk, sole proprietor:

- As it passed, certainly with many violations legal, because when we for them asked whether there is direction they did not answer this question us. clear it was that it the made to order was verification. more frequent than all they simply come show certification and all, and work begins simply on a pocket.

In a capital militia notarize meantime, hunt not on the pocket-book of businessmen, but on contraband goods.


Volodymyr Polischuk, speaker Main Administration of Minsterstva of internal affairs in m. Kyiv:

- By Workers of the Kievan militia it was withdrawn to the amount of over three million hryvnyas of various counterfeit products.

In a capital militia notarize meantime, hunt not on the pocket-book of businessmen, but on contraband goods.

Through permanent verifications and increases of lease shallow business coagulates. Trade unions talk about millions of amateur to give a request. But in a tax the mass closing is denied.

Victor Kosarchuk, director of department of State tax administration of Ukraine:

- are Ears about that such statements too much is is not a true, they are exaggerated.

On proof point the Desnyanskiy district of the capital. They say, will not liquidate, and vice versa - register.

Yurij Korzhenko, depchief State Tax Administration, Ukraine in state tax Inspection of the Desnyanskogo district in m. Kyiv:

- to Talk that sole proprietors are closed, we can not say it , because for January a month was closed businessmen 65 citizens, but openly 70.

The process of liquidation begins in an executive committee. The then collected certificates and statement are carried in a tax. If violations are not, from an account take off during three weeks. Businessmen talk about three months, at the best.


SOURCE: First National